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We have a special offer this summer on carpet cleaning service in Reading area!

If you've come to this site you're probably looking for a good carpet cleaning service. You are in a right place!

We have professional equipment and a dedicated person who has plenty of experience in this field.

but why should you bother to have your carpet cleaned / washed ??

  • First thing of course is appearance. There's nothing worse than dirty, compacted carpet that is no longer fluffy and soft. In most cases your carpet
    can be rejuvenated by our service however it is important to know that if the carpet hasn't been cleaned for many years then it could be necessary to replace it.
  • Regular carpet cleaning ( we advise to have it done once a year ) will definitely extend the life of your carpet. Saving you money in the long run.
  • Carpet is a bit like a sponge. You have to rinse it sometimes. Shaking it off is not enough. Carpets can retain some pollutant like pet dander, cockroach allergens, particle pollution, and everyday dirt and dust. These pollutants can not be removed by simple hoovering. You need a professional carpet cleaning solution. Specially designed shampoos kill and neutralize these particles whilst a very strong vacuum created by the machine removes all the deeply trapped pollutants from your carpet.
  • Carpets can be a home to dust mites which are no danger to humans itself but their excrement or body fragments are. Carpet cleaning can help clear them out leaving you with clean carpets and as a result a much cleaner air in your home
  • Professional carpet cleaning service can also help with mold and mildew growth. High powered vacuum eliminates moisture from your carpet hence preventing mold growth

Some of the photos taken from earlier jobs show how much better your carpet might look after our carpet cleaning service. Please see below

As a customer you're definitely wondering how much carpet cleaning will cost me:
As a guide please see below however if possible we would like to come out to you ( free of charge ) to assess and confirm the final price for carpet cleaning.

Single room 25£
Double room 30£
Living room 30 - 40£
Staircase ( each step )
Hall / Landing 10 - 20£
Upholstery ( coach / sofa ) 30 - 40£
Car's upholstery 60 - 80£

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