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Based on our continued positive experience with Paul at TidyGardens, we asked Lucy from TidyHomes to start work with us around six weeks ago. Lucy and TidyHomes were very flexible in letting us decide the hours and type of cleaning we wanted done. Lucy visits once each week for 5 hours and does a complete and thorough tidy, vacuum, dust and clean of the surfaces, floors, windows, mirrors including a full clean of the kitchen and bathrooms, in our 4-bed home. With both my wife and me working full time jobs and a typically messy and inquisitive 1 year old at home, Lucy’s visits give us exactly the comfort we need that, as well as being tidy, the floor and carpets are clean and safe for our daughter to crawl all over. Lucy is extremely productive and seems to put all her energy into her time with us. We would recommend to anyone who is looking for help with the house-keeping.

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