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We are quite well into 2017 now. Christmas time, New Years Eve it’s all behind us.. Time to get back to our busy work schedule but who’s going to take care of your house ??

At Tidy Homes we have good reliable and trustworthy cleaners available to help you with your house chores

Cleaners at Tidy Homes don’t just do the cleaning. We do few other things that will bring a smile on your face when you get home from work.

  • Cleaning all areas – first and foremost
  • Vacuuming. We have our own, heavy duty and much stronger vacuum cleaners than you possible have to help with this task
  • Heavy duty kitchen and bathroom cleaning. We get rid of the dirt that you can not remove. We again use heavy duty commercial cleaning products that you might not have, to help us with cleaning those difficult areas
  • Our cleaners can do a tidy up. We can change bed linen, put your laundry into the washing machine, tidy up stuff around your rooms.

However there are few things we sadly can not do. 🙁

We can’t manage your family budget, we can’t pick up your kids from school, we can’t do their homework… but with all the help you get from our cleaners, surely you will have time and energy to do that ! 🙂

Please contact our cleaning team by filling in a form. We will get back to your very shortly.

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