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Why you might need a cleaning service for your house / flat?


If you are looking for a cleaning service, probably your place could do with an extra pair of hands…

Maybe you have just finished an extensive renovation of your interior and cannot cope with the omnipresent dust. Maybe your house is too big to clean it all by yourself. Maybe you simply have no time for daily cleaning. There are many possible reasons why you need a domestic help.
But how to find a perfect cleaner for your house?

There are many cleaning companies available on the market. The choice is so wide that it may seem difficult to find the company which is trustworthy, reliable and efficient. Definitely you need to choose carefully, considering all your requirements.

Clients usually prefer companies / individuals with the relevant experience. A cleaning service which has existed for some time knows how to clean your place efficiently and how to tackle any upcoming problems. A good company shows attention to details. It is a discredit to a company if house is cleaned only superficially and with dirt in some nooks and crannies. It’s also worth looking for a cleaning service with a good reputation. Clients who have used a given company are probably the most reliable source of information about its services. It’s quite safe to choose a cleaning service recommended to you by the people you know. Especially if they themselves make use of their services again. Another factor that differentiates cleaning companies on the market is the range of products and techniques they use. If you have any preferences concerning those, the information may also be important to you.

“Cleaning a house” is a very general statement and client’s expectations connected with the scope of the work to be done may vary considerably.

A good question to ask would be about the characteristics of an ideal cleaner. Many clients agree that a perfect cleaning service should be professional, experienced and ought to specialize in their scope of services. The range of services on offer should be quite extended to meet the requirements of every client. Suitable, specialist equipment as well as well-tried cleaning products are also an advantage of a good cleaning company. Clients wish to be served by solid and competent workers. An ideal cleaner guarantees high quality of the service and high reliability. They are able to satisfy their clients by paying attention to details and doing their job thoroughly. Clients often say that an ideal cleaner should be invisible, so as not to disturb the regular family life.

So how to choose an ideal cleaner?

In order to be fully satisfied with the service you hire, always precisely specify your expectations. Before you let a cleaning company tidy your place up, think about every aspect of the service and discuss it with the cleaning company. It’s a good idea to create a list of all the rooms and areas you want to have cleaned. Sometimes in your house there are some specific places which need a “special treatment”. It’s useful when you indicate such areas beforehand. It’s worth making your requirements clear before your cooperation starts, especially if you hire a cleaning company for a longer period of time and want their services to be done on a regular basis. Why not make a detailed list of what you expect to be done in each room and how frequent you would like these services to be done? Such preparation of the contract between you and a cleaning company will make both the job of the company easier and you being confident of the service. It also enables you to make sure a given cleaning service does the cleaning work you expect. Most companies have a definite scope of services they provide and do not go beyond it. For instance, make sure that the company you hire will clean your windows. Some cleaning services refuse to do so, as it is a task of professional window cleaners. Some extra duties may also require additional payment, that is why you need to specify all your needs in advance.

Also, if you have any preferences concerning cleaning products, it’s worth specifying them before a cleaning service starts working. A cleaning company probably possesses a range of cleaning products which they use on a daily basis, therefore they consider them proven and effective. However, it may happen that you are a kind of a client who is concerned with ecology and insists on the use of ecological products only.

Usually you can hire a cleaning service either to complete a particular task or for a given amount of time. If you prefer the second option, you may want to estimate the amount of time a cleaning service will need to do the job. In order to do so, try to think of how many hours it usually takes when you clean a given area.
It is crucial to remember to be well-prepared for the visit. To avoid undesirable situations think of securing anything you would not like anyone to see. It may happen that you possess some documents which are confidential and should remain in secret. You should not blame a cleaner for peeking at those papers while dusting your furniture if you hadn’t hidden them from view. Try to predict such situations and take care of your security in advance.
If you have a feeling that your cleaners job does not meet all your requirements, talk to them. Communication is often the best solution. It frequently happens that some aspects of a cleaner’s job are unclear or not specified enough, which may cause your dissatisfaction. A good talk when you describe your needs thoroughly may solve the problem and improve the cleaning service.

Summing up, it seems that your satisfaction with a cleaning company you hire depends, to a great extent, on how precisely you describe your expectations while picking a cleaning company. Consider all the factors listed above and make sure you have informed your future cleaners about all your needs. Also, make yourself, as well as your house, prepared for that visit.

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