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Why choose Tidy Homes to clean your home?

Tidy Homes cleaning is a local cleaning service company

that provide very personal service!
Personal, flexible..It’s like having a friend to clean your house whenever and however you want it!

  • We DO NOT have a call center..
  • We DO NOT have our staff driving around in company cars..
  • We DO NOT wear fancy company uniforms
  • We DO NOT have cleaners that studied their profession at the university! ..no we don’t

Tidy Homes cleaning offer:

  • A reliable cleaner

  • Personal service with direct telephone numbers to your cleaner should you wish to contact them to either cancel, change or add extra booking.

  • Our cleaners have their own means of transport. No company cars, no extra costs. By cutting costs we can offer better prices to our customers

  • Uniforms are great for public servants, laboratory scientist.. Our cleaners dress comfortably and neatly in order to provide you with the best cleaning service! Your home is NOT our cat walk

  • Our cleaners are mostly housewives who have plenty of personal experience in house cleaning! They use their experience to give you what you desire! A CLEAN HOUSE.

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